Friday, August 5, 2011

Real Man-Marlon Brando

Ha-cha-cha Marlon Brando.  It's hard for me to talk about him without sounding like a dime novel, but I'll try.  

When we started the Real Man series we described it as "men that every guy wants to be and every woman wants to be with" enter Marlon Brando.   When I think of Brando I think of raw masculine energy, from the rolls he played throughout his career to his personal life very few men come close.  

There is one story from his autobiography that seems to express just how much masculine energy he must have had.  Apparently one night, in his early career, he had a young attractive woman come to his house.  Long story short, she offered to wash his feet and Marlon was taken aback but agreed.  The woman proceeded to wash his feet, dry them with her hair, and then make love to him.  Gotta say I don't know too many men that have had this experience or ever will.  Clearly the woman had an obsession, but I also can't say I blame her.  

P.S. Check out this fun video of him playing the bongos. 


  1. just watched The Godfather with the hubby-to-be the other night for the first time ( i know, i know, we're pretty slow ). Marlon was a genius and super good lookin back in the day!

    thanks for the good wishes & stopping by my today :) love the concept of your blog

    { ana :: }

  2. Eccentric greatness and survival intelligence are uneasy bedfellows. Grandeur of Marlon Brando’s persona is not based on a petulant self loathing mal-adjusted personality. He is an icon-perhaps the most influential actor because of his ability to find new ways of communicating brutality, beauty and vulnerability in one frame. He is great because he never failed to fascinate- even in his trashy movies.

  3. Thank you for being so smart that you have chosen the most fitting man to be called a "Real Man."

    Brando is my hero--a born rebel and non-conformist who didn't compromise at all. How cool it is!


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