Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Food-Bruxie

Bruxie is our happy place, gourmet waffle sandwiches...done!  Bruxie is in the City of Orange which is itself one of the most adorable towns in Southern California.  There is normally a line around this little stand. However, while you wait one of the owners normally comes around and explains just what a bruxie is, what makes them different from other types of waffles, what the seasonal specials are, their sweet and savory varieties, and will even help you pick out the best sandwich for you based on your tastes.  In. Love. 

Our favorite is the prosciutto and gruyere with chives and dijon mustard, pressed in the waffle it's almost like some kind of magical grilled cheese. I would also recommend their homemade custard, and they have a date and honey shake I've been craving.   

I think Mac is dreaming about the Bruxie he's about to eat. 

Don't pass up the waffle fries, believe me, so good! 

Strolling around Orange with the delicious custard. 


  1. Oh my sweet lord, those waffle fries.

  2. You had me at prosciutto and gruyere. Delicious!


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