Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Lips

Red lips, turn on or tun off?  I'm personally a lover of red lipstick, but I can feel Mac cringing when I wear it.  It reminds him of his mom's friends kissing his checks, drinking out of a cup with lipstick marks, their cigarettes in the ashtray with faint red marks.  Isn't it funny how two people can have such totally different connotations of the same thing.  To me it's always been a symbol of vintage glamor, a pick me up, another accessory to an outfit, or quick distraction when I don't have time to do my makeup.  Makes me wonder still sexy or an old fashioned trend?  I going with sexy myself.  

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  1. I think red lipstick is completely sexy and sophisticated. Unfortunately, I can't pull it off due to my coloring (dark hair, olive skin and freckles - meh). I'm envious of the New York, glamorous types that wear it with a little pressed powder and nothing else.

  2. Wendy-I have total confidence that you can pull it off! As you know I also have dark hair, olive skin, and freckles-there have been a few times where I go out wearing just mascara and red lipstick and almost always get compliments on the look.

    Since we have similar coloring try a bluer shade of red. So much of it is not "being able to wear red" but wearing the wrong shade. Good luck my dear!

  3. I feel like wearing red lipstick is all about your confidence if you decide to wear it you just have to rock it and it will look good!

  4. add me to the dark hair, olive skin, and freckles! i feel like i cannot find "my shade" of red to wear in the real world with confidence. what shade do you use??

  5. hi miss heidi!

    i've been wearing l'oreal colour riche, Red Rhapsody. perfect shade for my coloring and it's not too expensive so if you don't love it you're not throwing away a bunch of money at sephora :D or if you're someplace other than CVS ask a sales assistant to show you reds that are on the bluer side, great for dark hair and olive skin.


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