Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Original Playboy Club

I've been passing posters for the Playboy Club t.v. show on my way to work, so of course I had to spend time looking up the original.  I know when the Playboy Club opened in 1960 it's probably one of the more misogynistic things that happened during the sexual revolution but I gotta say I love these pictures and wish I could step back in time and go.  The women are so beautiful and sexy and in the 1960's all their parts were real!  What do you think misogynistic or sexy?

Photos via this great post by The Selvedge Yard.


  1. i kind of wish playboy was still like this. there is a sense of classyness from the girls back then - now, not so much. great blog, chick.

    love, rach

  2. SEXY! And here's what makes me think so...

    Indy and I watched this a few months ago and it totally changed my mind about Hugh Hefner and Playboy in general. I kinda love him now!


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