Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Food-Joe Jost's

Joe Jost's is one of Mac's favorite restaurants/bars and now I find myself craving it too.  The first time however, I was seriously doubtful.  I'd never eaten a pickled egg in my life nor did I want to and the hot dog sandwich wasn't really in line with the lean protein and veggie diet I was so diligently trying to stick to.  Little did I know that that night I would drink two schooners of beer, eat two hot dog sandwiches, and three pickled eggs.  Apparently I was hungry and in need of some really good food.  

Next time your near Long Beach give them a visit.  Built in 1924 during prohibition as a barber's shop and pool haul the place is dripping with history and they still have their original barber license hanging on the wall.  You can also keep an eye on their beer cam, all beer a never served warmer than 29 degrees!  It may not be fancy but for a fun evening with friends, good beer, wonderful food, and atmosphere Joe Jost's hits the spot.  

Hot dog sandwich and their famous pickled eggs, always served on a bed pretzels.  

Perfectly preserved, the original bar and pool haul. 

P.S. They've also been producing a pin-up calendar for the last 50 years! 

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