Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tips From An Irish Man

Mac and I were at the taproom by my house last night sitting at the bar, as usual, and couldn't help but notice the guy with the amazing Irish accent sitting next to us.  Like a lot of people Mac and I had met in Ireland one question turned into a full conversation with amazing stories.  We came away with some pretty interesting tips. 

  • Don't order corned beef in Ireland.  Irish people don't traditionally eat corned beef.  Originally it was boiled ham and when Irish immigrants came to America they saw their Jewish neighbors similar way of preparing beef and adapted it.  
  • Never order a black and tan in southern Ireland it represents the British uniforms.  Also don't order an Irish car bomb, apparently you'll look like a tourist. 
  • Magners Irish cider is a summer drink served on the rocks, not warm in a pint glass.  
  • Often before they get to know you an Irishman can tell if your from the north or south by your name.  Northern Irish were traditionally named after British royalty, James, Catherine, Charles.  While the south of Ireland had more catholic names, Patrick, Joseph, Bridget.  
  • My family name is more Irish than Mac's.  Fleming-"ya, that's an Irish name, more Norman origins though."  Brady-"now that's a good Irish name."  Win!
  • The most authentic fish and chips he's had in California were at Pike in Long Beach. 


  1. My ex is from Dublin. He informed me that the Blarney Stone was at one time a urinal. He was also Sh*t faced when he said this. Go Figure. (How I long to find a place that makes decent fish and chips.)

  2. i have visited Dublin only once- unforgetable! wonderful place, amazing people : )

  3. Coincidentally, I found out the same thing about the Irish car bombs from my friend's Irish bf this weekend - it's too bad because they are DELISH (not really)

  4. Don't call people from the 'south' 'southerners'...we're from the republic and we're just Irish!

  5. Clio, I'm so sorry if I offended. I have corrected the post and appreciate the feed back from someone who currently lives in Ireland.


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