Friday, August 5, 2011

Heaven Is A Macaron

If I wasn't moving this weekend I would want to be sitting in a park with Mac eating macarons and drinking champaign.  After the year and a half I spent working professionally in pastry there are a few things I will still take the time to make once every six months or so.  Croissants and french macarons.  I am obsessed with macarons, I haven't met a man yet that is mad about them but I adore the sweet little things!  Have a delicious weekend!

P.S. If your near the city of Orange Paris In A Cup sells the best macarons I've tasted yet!  You can also buy them here, I'm dying to try their pumpkin macarons.    


  1. I almost missed my plane home from Paris because I was buying macarons at Laduree!

    Totally worth it in my opinion :)

  2. I'd spend a few extra hours in the terminal if I had a box of macaroons from Laduree in my lap ; )

  3. mmmm... i could really go for a macaroon right now.


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