Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jazz for Beginners-Dave Brubeck

It's time to talk about some great jazz piano playing and composing.  Dave Brubeck has written and preformed some of jazz's most legendary pieces, named by the Library of Congress as a "Living Legend."  

He formed the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1951 and became known for his odd time signatures and polyrythm, as well as one of the leaders of the Jazz Renaissance.  I had a chance to see him live a few years ago and it was every bit as good as I had imagined.  Sit back, take a listen, and known that you're hearing one of the masters. 

Everyone has their favorites, but Time Out is mine. 

Take Five, great live performance.  Love the way this video is shot, how cool is the set?

Another of their most popular songs, Blue Rondo A La Turk


  1. A chick blogger (besides myself) that knows good jazz?! I think I love you!!! :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! I try to do a jazz post every week, my boyfriend and I love jazz!


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