Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jazz for Beginners-Julie London

Time  to feature an amazing vocalist Julie London.   London's smokey, sultry voice set her apart from other vocalist at the time, famous for her sensual interpretation of many standards.  Being a total bombshell didn't hurt either, but seriously check out the songs below, their beautiful.  

She sings one of my all time favorite songs, Cry Me A River, it can stop me dead in my tracks and just makes me melt.  I love how melancholy she sounds while also coming off as an independent, strong woman.  And if you're going through a bad break up, this is the song for you my dear. 

Cry Me A River, check out this great live footage too!

Black Coffee, sexy!

Why Don't You Do Right


  1. i've never heard of her. i'll have to take a listen! :)

  2. I like her versions of "Wives and Lovers" and "You and the night and the music," too. :D <3 <3

  3. I love those too! Especially "You and the Night and the Music" miss you doll!


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