Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Years With Mac

Well, Mac and I met two years ago today.  We celebrate the day that we met not the "first date" because that's kind of a hard thing for us to determine.  The night we met was a type of blind date set up by my friend Abbey and since then Mac and I haven't stopped seeing each other, so we count that night as our first date.  

The 2009 picture above is from that first night and the 2010 is from our first anniversary dinner.  We've had a lot come our way since that first night, a lot of changes...but I'm glad we're both still here two years later.  I know two years really isn't that long as far as relationships go but I'm glad he hasn't ditched me yet ;)


  1. Congratulations! I love anniversaries, hope you two had a lovely day ;)

  2. How sweet! John and I have a fairly made up anniversary, too, but I do love that it always comes with fireworks (we stuck with the 4th of July)!


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