Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple Pie With White Cheddar Crust

Well, this weekend I finally took the time to make my apple pie...and it was so happy tasting!  I decided to spice it up a little bit by making a white cheddar crust similar to this recipe and it was divine.  At first as the crust was browning you could smell the cheesy buttery goodness then the cinnamon apple smell came in, let me tell you there was a happy little parting going on in that oven.  

I soaked my apples in cinnamon and whiskey over night, which tasted great but made them a little softer then I wanted.  All in all, despite the mess I made making it, it was time well spent. Sorry there aren't any "during" pictures but my hands were way to floury to be near the camera.  

 Love the darker flecks that the cheese gave it.


  1. What a unique pie. I think I just might have to give it a try!


  2. YUM-I usually add Gruyere to my crusts, but I have to try cheddar!

  3. That is too funny, I almost used Gruyere! Then I decided to try a very sharp white cheddar and it really was a nice balance.

  4. hello there!

    i never thought of an apple pie with a cheddar crust! nor of soaking the apples. brilliant.

  5. Oh my god, this looks AMAZING!!! I love the little leaves, and the color from the cheese really does make it look like the personification of Autumn in a pie!! :D


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