Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Weekends-Oktoberfest

The chicken dance!

Has anyone ever been to an Oktoberfest?  This year was my first and it was quite an experience.  We got there early...then drove back to Huntington Beach because I forgot the tickets,thank you Mac for not murdering me, then arrived back in Torrance right on time.  

The music was amazing, the beer lines weren't too long and it wasn't too crowded...yet.  About an hour later the place was packed and having snagged a big table early our group made a lot of new friends. I have to say though the crowd made the experience, everyone singing and doing the chicken dance.  It was so much fun!  

Downside, opening a port-o-potty full of vomit.  Didn't need that.  But now I know, if ya gotta go...hold it, lesson learned. 

This is what happens when Mac sticks a pretzel in my face and probably why I can't stop craving them now. 

Mac and I acting like dorks and my cousin and his beautiful girl.

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