Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Oh My...Apple Pie

Guess what I've been craving and am dying to make this season?  I feel like I always overbook my weekend but I'm going to try to dedicate at least a few hours to making an apple pie.  I always end up making some kind of apple treat every autumn.  It's almost half way through October and I haven't made a pie in over a year...I need to get this together.  I have the feeling Mac wont mind having the end result around, or helping me enjoy the whiskey that doesn't make it into the pie.  

apple peeler, fall tea towel, oak spoon, emile henry pie dish-coveting this dish


  1. Made my first apple pie two weeks ago and boy was it good. Thanks for stopping by my blog as it allowed me to find yours!!! xo.

  2. So glad you like my blog Caroline, I found yours a few weeks ago and love it!


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