Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dream Halloween Costumes

I am lusting after these costumes, beautiful, sexy, spooky, and elegant...craving these!  One of my ideas this year was to do a kind of dark ballerina with a long tulle skirt and a corset that my friend Blake gave me.  Then I found these, and now I will not be satisfied.  

They remind me a bit of the witch pin-ups from yesterday which is the look I was originally searching for. Now if someone could just throw a masked Halloween ball I might be justified in buying one of these.   
witch costume, feather corset, broom


  1. Stunning! A dark ballerina would be such a fun/spicy costume:-) xoxo

  2. WOW-what incredible costumes! I'm actually thinking of being a flamingo-my mother mailed me the most outrageous faux fur bikini she wore in the 80s!


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