Friday, October 14, 2011

Peacock Costume

I got an email yesterday from my fabulous friend Marla asking about a peacock costume, kinda vintage Vegas show girl style, I had made a few years ago and worn to West Hollywood with Blake.  She was wondering how I made it and what she could do to create her own.  These were some notes I put together for her.  Hope it gives ya some inspiration!  

 One of my favorite pictures ever.

I've decided to just mail the costume to Marla in NY and have her send it back after Halloween.  All she has to do is try to make the feather fan.  

A few costume tips:
1. Careful with the feather fan, super easy to run into everyone.  

2. Spirit gum is key for gluing the jewels, they were a big hit.  You can get this at most costume stores, maybe even CVS/Rite Aid this time of year. Apply the spirit gum to your skin where you want the jewel to stick and also to the back of the jewel, wait a few seconds until both are tacky to the touch then stick it on ya.  Applying it to both skin and jewel and letting it get tacky first will make it stay on soooooo much longer.  


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