Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's In Your Dream Kitchen?

Do you have a dream kitchen?  I have to say I adore my tiny kitchen now but I can't help thinking about my big beautiful dream kitchen.  Isn't this one cute!  My dream kitchen has a big center table, pastel colors, and what would life be without a Smeg refrigerator?  (I'd also take an exact replica of the kitchen Meryl Streep has in It's Complicated)  I really do dream about the Smeg though, like for real...I'll sit on the couch and just say "Smeg" and Mac will tell me to snap out of it.  

Does anyone else dream about their kitchen?  What would you have in your perfect kitchen?

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  1. A Smeg fridge is on my wish list too- the hard part would be picking a color :-)

    always, koru kate

  2. I've been dreaming about my future kitchen ever since I saw a clip from an old World's Fair where these ladies where dancing through their kitchens with all the fancy gadgets and beautiful colored things. My dream kitchen would have a SMEG frige in red or pastel blue, I would have a large kitchen island, a double oven, and colorful china! I bought myself a kitchenAid last Thanksgiving and it is seriously one of my dreams come true!

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I know the feeling! My parents surprised me with a KitchenAid in aqua my senior year of college and I just about started crying...hmmm, maybe I'm too emotional, haha.

  4. These colors are totally inspiring me!

  5. wow!! I like this kitchen!!! <3

    I'd like to follow each other! I follow you now, hope we keep in touch!

  6. oh i certainly have a dream kitchen that is for sure. i would love an island, definitely more cupboard space than we have right now. i want a white farmer sink, ahh i am dreaming now

  7. John and I have even had a little tift about our dream kitchen–he wants me to avoid too much white! We've agreed on a farmhouse vibe with dark cabinets below and white, glass front cabinets up top–you know, for when we get our dream house!

  8. My dream kitchen would be overflowing of irresistible food! Kidding aside, the kitchen is actually my wife's territory and it was just her who designed it. She gave it a warm and simple look that I really love. Our kitchen is a sea of blue, which is very relaxing. Add the fact that blue is my wife and I's favorite color, and you'll know why I'm talking about it so much.


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