Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Blogger Without Her Computer

Darlings, I am all about unplugging on the weekends to get outside and away from the computer...but I was not ready for my computer to die last week!  Have you been left high and dry without a computer lately?  I knew I spent a lot of time on mine but I had no idea how much I would miss Pinterest, the news, Fraiser, and all your lovely bloggs!  

Thankfully my love has let me borrow his Mac book indefinitely, he doesn't know about the indefinitely part so, shhhhhh.  So now I'll be back and posting this week...and not from the library with the woman who eats her lip staring at me (but for real, it happened). 

P.S. How cute is the new tea cup Mac got for me?


  1. Oh no–there's nothing more painful than losing your machine! And I love that you miss Frasier–I practically pull my hair out when the wifi isn't working and John and I can't watch an episode!

  2. isn't it crazy how lost we feel without technology? I kind of hate it. Glad your husband is being generous :)

  3. Mac's mac is better than no mac!

    ((say that three times fast!))


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