Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apron Roundup

Do you wear an apron when you cook?  To be honest half the time I end up tying a kitchen towel around my waist and come out with chocolate and flour all over my face, but I love using my aprons when I remember to.  After walking around Anthropology (lust) I've started the apron search all over again.  What do you think, any favorites?  There's links to all of these and more here, and here's an easy DIY baker's apron. 


  1. These aprons look like super cute dresses!

    always, koru kate

  2. What gorgeous aprons! John and I have matching green & white striped aprons–there's nothing I love more than slipping them on and cooking an outrageous meal together!

  3. i dont wear an apron but i drape a kitchen rag over my shoulder...i would LOVE a waist apron though... i love the black and pink one!


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