Wednesday, October 3, 2012

27 Years Of Gratitude

My birthday was Monday, I got a hair cut on my lunch break, beautiful cards, and lots of phone calls.  That evening Mac and I got a drink on the pier, ate Carls Jr., and watched the first half an hour of Arsenic and Old Lace before we both started feeling sleepy.

I know, not a thrilling birthday but I loved all of it!  It made me so amazingly grateful for everything and everyone that I have. 

Parents who have now sent me five birthday cards and called me bright and early singing Las Mananitas, then later throughout the day to see how my hair cut went, and then again to see what kind of junk food I was having.  

Brothers, sisters (in law), aunts, uncles,cousins, and one fabulous niece.  I got birthday emails loaded with pictures of autumn themed cakes (I'll share some later, they're pretty amazing), champagne, phone calls, and I think I'm getting a home made card from the little one.  Made me grateful to have such a loving support network of a family. 

Friends, friends, friends! Not only did I get lovely calls, texts,blog posts, and emails (you're all too nice) but they were all so spot on and personal.  Even Facebook posts welcomed me into my favorite month, mentioned my love of autumn, crunchy leaves, and baked goods.  So fortunate to have loving friends who know me so well.  

Mac.  Since it was a Monday Mac was the only one I spent the evening with but he made it feel like my whole family was there. He got me three gifts all wrapped individually (I like opening things) and even picked out wrapping with autumn leaves and my favorite colors.  I count my lucky starts to have a guy to takes care of spiders for me, brings me my gym shoes when I leave them at home, and even goes into my house when I'm at work and he's in the neighborhood just to take out the my garbage.  I really do wonder sometimes how I was ever fortunate enough to find him.  So lucky to have so much love from him. 

There are those moments in life when you really do worry that you'll wake up and it's a dream.  And yes there are still stresses in life, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.  But I have to say for the stresses of being a "grown up" I couldn't be happier with what I've got.  Thank you all for 27 wonderful years!

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  1. A very happy belated birthday darling, and what a beautiful post! It's been one wonderful year and I can't wait to see what the future brings you. XOXO


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