Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Review

We may have had the perfect autumn weekend.  At least we went to some of my favorite places with my favorite people.  We all woke up Saturday morning at my parent's house to a fire in the fire place and beautiful fog rolling in through the pine trees.  My morning run in the crisp air full of the smell of fire places would have been enough to make the weekend a success but that was just the start of the day.  

We drove out to our favorite country pumpkin patch that had sadly undergone a few changes but we did still find some great pumpkins, took way too many pictures, and my niece got to go on the first hay ride that she can remember.  Then we wandered over to my second favorite spot the apple barn and fruit ranch where there was a wedding going on.  Autumn wedding, on the creek, taking pictures in the apple orchard...I died.  (I also tried to sneak some pictures but the photographers weren't having that.) We got to taste every kind of apple and took home a big bag and a whole lot of cider, don't you just love apple season?

After the foggy day out we stopped for nachos and beer at a cozy little place on the bay then went home to cozy up by the fire catch up and had a few pumpkin beers and a scotch and bourbon tasting.  

I was so happy to catch up with my family and old friends over the weekend and it was all topped of by a great antique street fair on Sunday.  Now the hard part, getting back to regular life in Southern California.  Don't you hate having to adjust after a weekend away?  How was your weekend anyone else get pumpkins?


  1. a) I love your outfit
    b) I miss autumn in Cambria

  2. It truly does not get any cuter!! :) :)


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