Monday, October 8, 2012

Caramel Apples And Manhattans

What a great weekend!  Not what we expected but fun all the same.  It turns out the Scottish games that my mom had planned the trip around were postponed and we didn't realize this until we got to the fair ground gates.  But we were able to salvage the weekend with great meals, beach walks, and caramel apples.  

There ended up being a craft fair instead of the games. Here my sister-in-law Rose and I found giant salted caramel apples which we decided to save until that evening.  I will say that baby hit the spot.  After a great dinner and maple Manhattans we decided to all go back to the hotel, made our own Manhattans, and ate slice after slice of the delicious caramel apple. 

Has anyone ever seen a bourbon caramel apple, cuz that might be next in the works.  Happy Monday dears, hope you had a great weekend too! 

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