Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Rain

Today is our first day of autumn rain here in southern California!  It's so funny how many of my friends have called, texted, or posted on Facebook about the rain.  I guess we really miss the rain living here.  

This is the time of year when I am so thankful for the six months I got to live in London years ago and when I sincerely miss autumn days strolling the city.  But with the rain today I can imagine myself away...the leaves that look pasted to the sidewalk, cozy sweaters, and a warm cup of coffee in my hand.  

What are your rainy days like?  Wouldn't you love to be strolling somewhere in these adorable bow wellies?! They're on my dream list for this season.  

Any of you that are lucky enough to have changing leaves and autumn rain regularly enjoy it for me because today is just wonderful!


  1. i am not a huge fan of rain, BUT! wellies make it like a jillion times more fun. and those bow wellies melt my heart!

  2. Last night I was up reading with the windows open and I heard a little pitter patter–I almost shrieked with glee!


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