Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday

Friday is here and I'm so excited for the weekend!  My birthday is on Monday and my parents have already sent my birthday gift, so I had the option to wear what they got me on my birthday, and my mom has sent three cards.  I'm guessing she couldn't chose and decided to buy all three, am I right mom?  Also as you can tell I am perpetually seven years old in their eyes, haha.  

This week has flown by and I am so excited to celebrate Mac's nephew's birthday this Sunday, I'm October 1st, he's October 2nd and as we all remember turning 10 is a very big deal.  If anyone needs us on Sunday we'll be playing lazer tag and eating pizza with about a dozen 10 year old boys.  The rest of the weekend I hope to spend doing yoga, drinking champagne, and making pumpkin spice macarons.  If they work out hopefully there will be a new recipe to share.  

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!


  1. Happy happy early birthday–sounds like a perfect celebratory weekend!

  2. Yay! Happy almost birthday my friend!

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