Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1930's Speakeasy Party

A few weeks ago my friend Kimmie turned 30 and threw a fabulous 1930's/speakeasy themed party. Every part of the party was flawless.  Excellent food, a bartender serving up prohibition cocktails, and even a belly dancer performing to Cole Porter songs. 

 The lovely garden party set up made us all feel like we'd stepped back in time. 

Vintage finds, warm lighting, and delicate flowers gave the whole night an enchanted feeling.  

I had much too much fun playing dress up. 

The belly dancing was such a beautiful and unexpected touch. 

I attempted to pin my hair into a bob, it lasted for about 30 seconds. 

Mac in the dreamy gauze tents they set up in the back yard. 

We had to try a couple of the cocktails!

The stunning birthday girl!  Doesn't her dress remind you of Ginger Rodgers?


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