Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would You Use A Male Masseuse?

Well I kept my promise to myself and got my second monthly massage.  Monday nights are their discount nights (all massages $10 off) so I called up to make an appointment with the woman I saw last time.  However, she was booked  so they asked if I would mind a male masseuse.  I thought about this for a couple seconds and thought why not, if I don't enjoy it I'll request a woman next time and maybe a man's extra upper body strength might help.

Having a man massage me took a couple minutes to get used to but I have to say it was great.  He was really able to work on my "concrete shoulders" as he put it and we had a great chat about our favorite places for beer, movies, and the beach.  There was nothing weird or sexual about it and his extra strength really helped loosen up my very tense shoulders. 

I was really interested to learn from him that a majority of the spa's clients do not want a man to massage them.  He said a lot of men tend to worry about "liking the massage too much" and he said some women tend to feel more comfortable with their own sex. 

What about you, would or have you used a male massage therapist?  Would it be less relaxing to use someone of the opposite sex?  Would your partner mind? Would it depend on the type of massage relaxing weekend or sports/deep tissue?

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  1. I don't know. My husband wouldn't mind.. he was fine if I wanted a male ob but I'm not sure about my own comfort level. It's not about the sexuality of it.. it's just something I haven't tried.. I like your monthly massage idea. I am trying to get a yearly one and I haven't gotten one yet!

  2. I’ve only ever had one massage…and it was by a male masseuse. It was weird, but he was huge and Polish with a really deep voice and I didn’t find him attractive at all. Maybe if he’d been super hot it would have been strange? Although now that I think about it before and after the massage was a little odd, like you’re just kind of sitting in a room wearing barely anything with a dude you don’t know! But he massaged my boyfriend right after and he didn’t think it was weird.

    He was SUPER strong I’ll tell you that, almost painful, but I felt SO good after ;)


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