Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treat or Treat

We had an interesting little trick or treater last night, well group I guess.  It was towards the end of the night and a group of about five kids and four adults came, we were thrilled to have more show up.  

This cute little bat girl (about six or seven years old) comes up as I hold the bowl down for her and she says "a little or a lot," I say that she can take "a couple."  She then grabs a handful and the next four kids do the same.  The parents come up and grab candy as well, then the little bat girl comes back and grabs three more handfuls emptying our candy bowl except for one piece which her father then comes and takes.  Bat girl then turns to my brother and says "got more junior?" 

Is it just me or is there a type of trick or treating etiquette?   Almost all the other kids we had that night took no more than one or two pieces.  We were so excited to pass out candy to the kids and the greediness of this group brought down our night a little.  The saddest thing of all was having to turn down a big group that came right after because bat girl and her friends had cleaned us out.  Anyone else ever have a similar problem? I guess next year we'll have to hand it to the kids ourselves. 


  1. I have no problem using the exacting mom voice (years of practice) and telling them to "Put. The. Candy. Back."

    Also, -you- hand the candy out - Never...NEVER let them help themselves. Lastly, save the good candy for the sweet kids and give the raisins and granola bars to the brats and parents. This was your rookie year, lol. Now that your hardened next year will be a cake walk. ;)


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