Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Rainy Friday!

It's raining in Southern California!!! Can you tell I'm excited?  I love, adore, and cherish rainy days (I know and I choose to live here).  Mac and I are the kind of people that get excited days in advance when rain is predicted.  So tonight will probably look something like this-leaving my wet galoshes at the door, drinking Irish coffees cuddled up under Mac's Hudson Bay Blanket watching Frasier by the fire.  Because yes, we are that cool that we spend our Friday nights watching Frasier.  I can't wait to relax, cuddle up, and listen to the rain!

blanket, galoshes, frasier


  1. I would get the same way when it thunderstormed in the midwest. Though thunderstorms are few and far between here in Portland, I find myself getting just as excited for a steady drizzle on a day off. Enjoy, my dear!

  2. Come to Portland and we can cuddle up on the old green couch and watch Friends while drinking champagne and listening to the rain!

  3. Rainy nights are my favorite-this looks absolutely perfect!

  4. Today ended up being a crazy slightly stressful day which is making the cozy night even better. Thanks for the sweet comments!

    Lauren and Robin, I'm so there!


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