Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ugly Apron Party

My brother Sean sent me this picture yesterday and it got me thinking...my aunt has a cookie exchange every year, why not make it an ugly apron party also.  I know, I know these aprons aren't that ugly but "tacky apron party" isn't as fun to say. I go picking with Mac every now and then and I always seem to come across these tacky (yet fabulous) vintage aprons.  How fun would it be, sharing, laughing, drinking champagne, and all with fun vintage Christmas cheer.  

Here are a few fun ones I found on etsy: candy cane, nylon Christmas tree, Christmas tree with pom poms, poinsettia

P.S. The cookie exchange idea is brilliant.  I've been to cookie parties before where everyone bakes theirs at the hosts house, no thanks.  Here you bring your cookies already baked and enough copies of the recipes and everyone gets to share and visit without making a giant mess.  


  1. I'm loving that ornament shaped apron up there!

  2. I am with Lauren - so flattering to the female shape.


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