Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Wreath

I know not everyone has time for this but if you have family around or find yourself inside on a rainy day this is such a fun, inexpensive and easy project.  These photos are from last year when our family was all together after Thanksgiving.  We decided to go on a hike and collected bits of greens and berries as we hiked to turn into a Christmas wreath and it turned out beautifully. I suggest having some cocoa and gingersnaps on hand!

(our finished product)

Here is a quick how-to:
  • Green cuttings-many tree lots will give you their scraps, or take a hike and collect like we did.
  • Wreath frame-I would suggest getting a wicker frame from a craft store, I've used these before and they work really well.  We didn't have a craft store near by so we used a wire coat hanger and formed worked but can't handle too much weight. 
  • Assemble the cuttings and berries into small bouquets.  
  • Wrap floral wire around the frame to make an anchor, then place a bouquet on the frame and wrap the wire 1/3 of the way up the bouquet. 
  • Over lap the additional bouquets (hiding the new wiring under the foliage of the previous bouquet) and wire wrap onto the frame hiding the wiring as you go. 
  • Add any ribbon, bows, glitter and ta-da!  You have a wreath!
Partially assembled, cocoa on hand 

One of our many green bouquets and our finished wreath!

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  1. Confession–I looked for the cookies in the wreath.


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