Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brown Butter Cookie Happiness

What's that you say?  Cookie exchange? Yaaaay!  

They are always so much fun, but I never know what kind of cookie to make...the really pretty ones that taste so-so or the ones that don't look like much but taste like little drops of heaven?  To make things easy I left it up to Mac and without a doubt he said "brown butter cookies" his favorite discovered at the Brown Butter Cookie Co. in Cayucus, CA. 

Now there was just the work of recreating them.  Luckily a few people have become fans of them over the last couple years and created similar recipes...and Mac and I have eaten a lot of them for reference. 
You need a lot of butter

 (browned butter slightly cooled, adding in the flour mixture)

(rotate cookies after the first five minutes for even baking)

Cooled and ready to be eaten!



  1. YUM, those look awesome. So does the cookie dough. There is nothing better than cookie dough and a giant spoon, for certain.

  2. I need this I need this I need this


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