Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Real Gifts For Guys

Ok, let's be realistic here.  As cute as it is, I know Mac doesn't really want a photo book of all the pictures from our last vacation....the flask I got him with a favorite picture on it is now in the back of his closet and the custom made poster never got hung.  Slowly I'm learning about how to shop for him, practical, practical, practical. 

The whiskey I got him for Valentines Day seemed to evaporate and the vans I got for his birthday have now almost been worn through. 

I haven't gotten him the hammer bottle opener but I did get this credit card sized bottle opener for him last year and it fit perfectly in his wallet.  

And if you have anyone who loves design or things mid century modern Case Study Houses is a must, you'll always find it on Mac's coffee table.  

Vans, Hammer Bottle Opener, Case Study Houses


  1. Here's to practical man gifts-stuff they'll really use makes the best gifts!

  2. So so so true. Love this honest post...because men do like practical things. Have to remember that. Ha.


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