Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Review

Starbucks red cups are here, what more do you need to have a great weekend?  How about a spa day facial and massage?  I love Living Social sometimes!  Saturday was a relaxing morning with my coffee, a great workout, then an afternoon at a fun eclectic spa.  Messy hair and no make up after my day there but my skin feels fabulous!  

We spent Saturday night watching college football and somehow I ended up at the one sports bar in southern Californa that was filled with Oregon fans.  I didn't make a lot of friends.  

Sunday was Crispin cider on tap at Whole Foods after lunch and an afternoon in my craft room filling Etsy orders.  Loved having a weekend with no set plans after all the Halloween activities last week.  A perfect reminder to take care of my self, get lots of sleep, and the importance of sitting with my guy for a little quiet time.  


  1. I finally fixed it so you show up on my homepage again!

    Also, you've got a little Oregon love in you, i know it ;) Could have been worse... You could have been surrounded by UCLA fans!


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