Friday, November 30, 2012

Too Soon For The Tree?

When is too soon to get the tree?  I grew up with a fake white Christmas tree, 1960's much, so our tree went up the day after Thanksgiving.  Apparently this is not how it always works with real trees.  

Mac is a fan of real trees and has been against getting the tree so early in the season, he's a second week of December kind of guy.  Something about the tree drying out, hundreds of hot lights, fire hazard, blah,blah, blah...but this year he's agreed to get it early.  We're getting the tree tonight!  We'll be at home with a couple friends drinking wine and enjoying the pine smell!

What's your tree tradition, real or fake?  How soon is too soon? 

Have you seen this? I swear my mom has said most of these things!


  1. Never too soon for a tree! Have a wonderful weekend, Brigette! xx

  2. Love a real tree – nothing like the smell – and I think the dude is right not to get it til the second week in November! That way it's sure not to dry out before Christmas.

    Sea and Swank

  3. Oh man girl, it's never too soon for a tree! Ours has been up for a week now :) Ours is also fake because we don't want our dog eating the falling pine needles. But one day I hope to get another real one!

  4. That video is hilarious. I also grew up with the whole fake tree thing. When I got married we started getting real trees. best. decision. ever.


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