Tuesday, November 13, 2012


There are somethings I can't be without in my kitchen and lately I have been craving ginger.  Like crazy craving it.  The first time I really became a fan of ginger I was surfing the crimson tide in high school, hating life with nausea and a headache when my friend gave me some candied ginger to eat.  Amazing!  Eased my sweet tooth and helped with my symptoms holistically.  Since then ginger and I have been best friends.  

I've started drinking Yogi ginger tea almost every evening and when it comes to cocktails I've gotten just a little addicted to Canton ginger liqueur (I buy the sample size).  There's something so energizing about the smell of ginger, I find myself constantly buying candles to keep around my place. And let's not even talk about cooking with ginger, well let's talk about it but we'll save that for another blog post cuz honey I love that too!  

Here's a link to some of the benefits of ginger and a few ginger liqueur cocktail recipes, I just can't get enough!

1.Yogi ginger tea / 2.Candied ginger / 3. Versatile ginger root 4.In everything / 5.Ginger snap recipe / 6.Wanting this ginger candle 7.Domaine de Canton


  1. surprisingly i have never loved the taste of ginger especially if i am actually taste it in a dish. although gingerbread cookies i can definitely do for sure!!

  2. Ginger cookies are my favorite!

    <3 Melissa


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