Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking Care Of Yourself

How many of you take enough time for yourselves?  You know I am a big fan of "me time," I take baths, do yoga, relax reading with a glass of wine but lately I have been forgetting to take care of some of the bigger things...the one's that require more cash.  

Like a lot of us over the past few years things have been a little tighter financially. Yesterday, however, I was reminded that was no reason to skip certain things.  

My right shoulder will lock up once or twice a year, yep immobile at least once a year.  Yesterday I felt the symptoms coming on, asked around, read some Yelp reviews, and went to a massage college 10 minutes from my work.  If you have never been to a massage college do it!  I requested a graduate not a student and she was wonderful, you can't beat a $29 massage.  Like others I had been to, she said "uh oh" when she felt my shoulder and chewed me out for letting it get that bad, then explained that in order to fix it I would have to be sore for a few days.  I am.  

This was a big reminder of something my mom told me when I was thirteen, "when you're older always find the means to take care of yourself."  We get so caught up in our lives and what we can and cannot afford that we often forget to take care of ourselves.  So my new promise to myself is less dinners with friends, cocktails, or fancy cheeses (ugh) in order to put those funds towards regular massages for my very screwed up shoulder. 

What is your gift to yourself, massages, facials, work out classes? 


  1. Thanks for reminding me to take a little time (and money) for myself–I'm absolutely awful at it!

  2. I think its time for a pedi! Thank you :-)


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