Thursday, August 30, 2012

Road Trip Kit

I am so excited, tonight night Mac and I are driving up north to spend the long weekend at my parent's house in Cambria and see the annual Pindorado parade and fair.  Last year's pictures here and here.

Thinking about the four hour drive each way got me thinking about my road trip necessities.  I always get accused of "nesting" especially when I'm not the one driving.  But what can I say, some things are just needed on a long car ride.

  • Yoga pants, a floppy sweater, and glasses: If I'm going to be in the car for four hours I'm going to be comfortable.
  • Chocolate: I mean, who goes four hours without chocolate and they say that peppermint helps to keep you awake.
  • Smartwater: I'm a junkie, love the size of the bottle and how durable it is when I drop it repeatedly on the floor of the car. 
  • Hand lotion: If you haven't tried Melvita lotions and body creams do it.  I think they must be made with little drops of organic heaven. The body balm is my favorite!
  • Coffee:  We found a few years ago that there is a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf exactly half way through the trip.  And the fact that they make a 100 calorie blended drink makes staying awake that much easier. 
  • Sing-a-long music:  One of my favorite ways to stay energized on a road trip is loud horrible singing in the car.  Backstreet Boys(yes, I'm a 1990's preteen inside), Chicago soundtrack, country music, anything I've heard a million times and can belt (I know Mac must be thrilled about this part).
  • A big bag to throw it all in at the end of the trip.  I have been eyeing this one on Etsy, how cute are those stripes? 
I cant' wait to get up there and relax over a long weekend.  I know that by the end of it my car will be covered in pine needles on the outside and empty water bottles and chocolate wrappers on the inside.  What are your road trip must haves?  Happy long weekend!!!


  1. I wear yoga pants literally everyday, so yes, yoga pants a must in the car especially. Sandals, sunglasses, chapstick, new fun playlist, a book (if I am not the driver), and my planner. I like to update things and get organized when I am in the passenger seat. :-) Have fun!

  2. Dani is not exaggerating on the yoga pants! I think I knew her for a full two months before i saw her in jeans, haha. But oh man, I miss that Montecito Coffee Bean! I was just telling my friend the other day about the tme we got there right as they were closing and we scored on the carrot cake!

    And make sure you do the Larger Than LIfe dance for Mac. He needs to know what kind of skill he's up against.

  3. It's been ages since I went on a proper road trip–it sounds like such fun! Have a wonderful long weekend!

  4. love a roadtrip, as long as i'm the passenger. i wish they had CB&TL in Atl. When I'm in CA, I have to have one every day.


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