Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trivia Night

Mac had a delivery to do yesterday evening so I tagged along and I have to say deliveries with Mac almost always end up being an adventure.  I never now who I'm going to meet or exactly where Mac is going to end up taking me.  

Our first stop was to pick up a bookshelf that ended up being owned by an artist who gave us a tour of his studio and shared all about life in Venice Beach in the 1970's.  I have to say that I love creeping in other people's homes, so many good ideas for decorating.  We made one more delivery, where we met an a-dor-a-ble little boy, then headed to Bigfoot Lounge.  After circling the area for about 10 minuets we ended up parking in front of a house that was giving away an old solid wood dining room table, exactly what I'd been looking for to put in my new craft room.  Providence, I think so! Then we caped off the night with Tuesday Trivia (cuz we're really cool people) and a champagne cocktail.  All and all a totally unexpected but wonderful night!

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