Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pinedorado Parade Photos

Well there was a change of plans for the weekend.  My brother and sister in law, Sean and Rose, came along for the weekend.  Yay!  Mac caught the flu on Friday and couldn't come at the last minute.  Boo!  Overall though it was a fantastic, relaxing weekend.  Here are pictures from the parade as promised.  More pictures of the weekend to come.  Enjoy!  (The parade always starts and ends with the calliope, above)

Why not put men in pink skirts, go bike club!  And the scarecrow festival every October is adorable to see around town. 

Cambria Garden Club, how cute are the kids in the wagon train?

The Shriners are by far our favorites, especially the guy riding the arm chair.  

Yes, they drove that lift backwards all the way down Main Street. The people dancing in the pie also made me smile, so Cambria. 

Perhaps some of the best entries, the "dog walkers," people playing sea kelp horns (awesome!), and the high school football team, very small town.  

I kinda wanted to ride on this pirate ship.  And the parade just wouldn't be the same without mimosas and cranberry mimosas, that's mom above with her's. 

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