Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Pinedorado Pictures

As a kid growing up in Cambria you always looked forward to Pinedorado, the parade followed by the fairgrounds.  Winning cups in the toss, stuffed animals at the big wheel, throwing darts, eating fresh olallieberry pie, watching the magic of cotton candy being spun.  

Going back home is nostalgic and sweet, BBQ and beer, catching up with old neighbors, and some of us still win cups in the coin toss.  

Amazing light from Cambria's old light house now lives at the Pinedorado grounds and is operated a few times a year.  P.S. as a child I used to scream every time the train entered the tunnel.  

Food and old time fun!

My brother Sean and I trying to wine some cups.

This little guy was in charge of picking up all the nuts and washers for us to throw. I wanted to put him in my pocket.

$8.00 later

My parents enjoying a beer while we act like dorks, I think they had the right idea. 

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  1. Ummm... The yellow sweater... Forever 21? Because if so, I have the same one.

    I love us.


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