Friday, September 2, 2011

Heading Home

This weekend Mac and I are taking a trip to the little costal town of Cambria that I grew up in.  With a population of about 6,000 located by the sea surrounded by pine trees it is one of the more relaxing and beautiful places to visit.  My parents still live there so we are going to spend some time with them, have some champagne, and feed the neighborhood squirrels.   

Every Labor Day weekend Cambria has a celebration called Pinedorado. It's kicked off with a parade down mainstreet, then it's off to the "fair grounds" where you drink beer, eat bbq, win cups in the coin toss and watch the little kids on the rides that haven't changed since the 1949.  It's quaint, old fashioned, and feels like home to me.  Pictures to come next week.  Have a delightful weekend!

P.S. I have this suite case in light blue and white, I love it! Get this one here.


  1. This just reminds me of all the little festivals that go on in the surrounding small towns close to Fort Wayne.

    So much fun :)

  2. Have fun! That sounds amazing!

  3. Thanks darlings! I'm having a wonderful time. Woken up each morning to fog hanging in the pine trees, really feels like Autumn already!


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