Thursday, July 14, 2011

Real Man-Steve McQueen

In my mind Steve McQueen is the image of a real American man.  His rugged looks have put him on lists as one of Hollywood's sexiest men, while his personality and fearlessness created the image of one of Hollywood's toughest men. 

Steve McQueen's early years were anything but easy, his father abandoned he and his alcoholic mother when McQueen was still at an early age, he later joined a gang and left home when he was 14.  McQueen had said about himself "if I hadn't made it as an actor, I might have wound up a hood."  McQueen took a number of jobs before acting including, the circus, working as a lumberjack, on an oil rig, working in a brothel, and joining the Marines.  It's no wonder that he became know for his tough exterior as an anti-hero.  

McQueen is probably best known for his rolls in The Great Escape and Bullit, where he demonstrates his true life love of motorcycle and car racing.  Whenever the insurance companies allowed McQueen would do his own riding and driving.  These passions later came out in his two documentaries, Le Mans and On Any Sunday, both of which were pivotal in bringing attention to the sports

McQueen riding.

McQueen racing on set and for himself.

Just so cool.

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