Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Portland Vacation Photos

Hi Friends, a few of you have been reminding me to put up the photos from our Portland trip so here are a some of the highlights.  Hope you enjoy them, we had such a great time visiting the city and celebrating John and Laura's marriage! 

Doing a little vintage shopping. 

Pix amazing patisserie. 

At Pok Pok with the beautiful Lauren. 

Mac and I at John and Laura's Wedding.

Frolicking in Oregon wine country with Lauren.


  1. I love your yellow skirt! Want.

  2. Brigette! You're so cute... I love it :) Hope you're doing well! This is inspiring me to update my own blog!

  3. Thanks everyone for the sweet compliments!

    And Lizzie, it's Forever 21, haha. Give them a look online. Only problem is it's dry clean only :(


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