Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guest Welcome Basket

Since we've moved from Southern California to the Central Coast we have been flooded with house guests, which we love!  Living in a vacation destination makes our home a vacation spot for many of our friends.  Because of this the summer has been filled with barbecues, wine tasting, dinners out, kayaking, and morning coffee on the water.  

Lately I've been loving the idea of having a welcome basket for our house guests sitting on the guest room bed when they arrive.  If our friends are here for vacation why not make it really feel that way.  Here's a list of a few quick and easy things to make your own "house guest welcome basket."

  • Welcome note
  • Water bottles
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Cookies from your favorite bakery or homemade 
  • Seasonal magazines
  • Locally made lotion and soap
  • Guest towels
  • Toothbrushes
  • Advil
  • Room Spray
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  1. You are just the best hostess! We, on the other hand, erect a cot in the corner of our living room and hope they'll get the message! :)


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