Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do You Plan Travel Around Food?

Do you ever start thinking about vacation and think "Ooooh yeah, that's the place that had the amazing lobster mac and cheese" or "Let's go to Tuscany, I'll start working out now."  I have realized that these are pretty much my thoughts when it comes to travel.  I was talking to a friend who's moving to Portland and before I told him all the cool things to do, I told him all the places he had to eat.  It's how my brain works.  

Talking to another friend about her trip to France was basically a discussion on cheese and pastry, then the beautiful countryside.  I found myself asking questions about what was the food like in the country compared to Paris and the regional dishes.  Then we proceeded to talk about a trip we'd taken to Cinque Terra together and the amazing pesto we had.  So I'm wondering, does food influence anyone else's travel plans?  Cuz right now I'm leaning on my next trip being Venice or the French countryside soley based on the foods I want to eat, and ya know...tourist stuff too.  


  1. John and I nixed the idea of a Maldives honeymoon because the cuisine sounded unappealing!

  2. Every time Dad comes to visit we plan everything around what we eat and drink... We raised him right, I'd say!


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