Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brown Paper Packages

It's here, the time of December when I start to love the sight of my mail man and pray that he has the packages I ordered.  Lately to keep my sanity and save time I've been doing almost all my shopping online.  Not that I don't love supporting local mom and pops, but this year I've had at least half the gifts sent directly to my parents house so that I don't even have to drive them up.  Lazy? Maybe, but it has been so relaxing and I've had more time to spend celebrating the season.  Now let's just hope everything arrives on time and undamaged.  

How much of your shopping is online or do you hit the stores?    


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  2. I'm like you! Praying that every time I hear a truck come down the street it's UPS with the presents! Hehe. Have a good day xoxo

  3. I'm thankful that I'm not waiting for anything–but I am checking to make sure all the packages I wrapped and shipped have been delivered! So stressful!


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