Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movie Night

Last night Mac and I had all kinds of plans for a healthy grilled dinner...fast forward to me taking too long at the gym, Trader Joe's is closed and so are most restaurants in the neighborhood.  So we completely changed our plans decided to get "skinny" pizza, a couple of beers, and have a Bourne Identity movie marathon.  Don't you just love when your plans go wrong and something different but better ends up happening?  


  1. One of my favorite things!! Pizza and a movie and when things go wrong :) Hope all is well lovely lady. Bisous.

  2. How fun! That pizza looks delicious, I want me some skinny pizza!

  3. It's a night with the Bourne Identi-matum-premecy!

  4. did you know the fourth bourne movie is coming out soon?! my husband can't stop talking about it!


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