Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dessert Ideas For Dad's 70th

Ok, so phase two of party planning for me is the dessert.  I've mentioned before that my dad is not big on sweets, not a huge chocolate guy, he likes two things...lemon and cookies.  A few years back I made him lemon sandwich cookies with blueberry butter cream and those have been on his request list for a while along with my lemon bars.  

Normally for father's day or my dad's birthday I would make lemon bars in a tart pan or an individual lemon meringue pie, one of his other favorites.  However, this year turning 70 we gotta do a little more, right?  So I am making a big beautiful fluffy lemon meringue pie, my strawberry crumble tart (per his request since it's a new recipe) and lemon blossom cupcakes. 

Part of the challenge is picking desserts that can be made day of, the meringue pie, and ones that can be made in advance, the cupcakes, since the weekend will be packed with our family reunion, company, and decorating.  I will say the cupcakes are not normally my style, a lot of box mix a la Paula Dean but whenever I have made them people go crazy, they are so easy, and they stay moist for at least two days so give them a try is you're in a hurry. 

lemon meringue pie, lemon blossom cupcakes


  1. You've got me craving a lemon bar like nothing else!

  2. oh goodness, you are giving me a major sweet tooth right about now. how scrumptious!
    and a very happy birthday to your dad! :)
    xo TJ

  3. they all look amazing. will be fun to see pics of the party. happy bday to your daddio!

  4. that first picture is so pretty...something about that dessert gets me everytime! Great choices.

    1. I know doesn't that picture make your mouth water!

  5. That first picture is absolutely stunning! Everything looks delish. xo

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments ladies! I'm sure he's going to have a great day!


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