Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Motorcycle Man

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of girl that would hop on Mac's bike with him, my arms arms wrapped around his waist as we drove along the coast.  But no, I have some how convinced myself that riding behind him equals death (I know totally logical right).  I guess you could say I'm more of a side car kind of girl.  

Here's my dilemma, as I watch him working to convert his Honda CB360 into a Cafe Racer I get more and more excited about it and I want to ride.  I work up the guts to go out on the motorcycle with him...and then freak out.  So Mac has purchased an old mini bike that is essentially powered by a lawn mower engine for me to try out.  If anyone needs me I'll be cruising up and down the streets of Huntington beach on a little yellow put put!

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  1. Not to feed your fire, but you're a smart girl. At least wear your helmet, and hold on tight!!


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