Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!

 How beyond brilliant, and cute, is this idea!

What a week!  I'm always surprised at how I use my free time and this has been what I've been up to this week:

-Reading Hunger Games until my eyes hurt
-Drinking beer with lunch, because I can
-At the gym until I can't walk, no seriously I've been walking like John Wayne all week
-Coffee with friends
-Cleaning out my  closet (that one surprised me)
-Taking the time to blow out my hair
-Pinterest,that's a given
-Making pillows 
-Talking to Mac's cat
-Organizing paint chips in to wall art
-Eating mint chip ice cream out of the carton, cuz I'm a grown up

I have wondered what I  would do we a free week and believe me, cleaning out my closet and paint chip art were not what I imagined, but there is a sense of satisfaction.  What do you do with your free time? I plan on making these fruit skewers this weekend and sipping champagne with a good book!

Happy weekend loves!

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  1. "Walk like an idiot day"!

    Also, I love this rundown. Partially because, with only slight variation, I did the same thing (including taking FIVE trash bags of clothes to Goodwill - we need to clean out our closets more often)... Except when you're making pillows, I'm making necklaces.

    Hobbies are fun.

  2. sounds lovely!

    Smidge, I just started blogging (I've written 3 posts!)- check it out!

  3. This sounds like a pretty perfect week to me!


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