Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Yummy Friday!

Anyone have fun Friday night plans?  My niece Alica, 10 years old, is coming for a sleep over and we are both so excited!

Alicia has been my little baking apprentice for a few years now for family birthdays, parties, baking is always required at our sleepovers.  This time I thought we could give it a little twist to the savory side and make this so, so yummy looking calzone.  I think she had hoped to bake something sweet, but when I mentioned mini ice cream cones (thank you Trader Joe's) for dessert the caloze now seems to be looking like a great baking project.  

So wish us luck with our project.  It will be a night filled with gooey cheese, red nail polish, sparkling juice out of champagne coups, and I'm thinking An American in Paris!

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